​​Ollitas So​l

"Olla" use is making comeback 

Because water seeps through the walls of an unglazed olla, these vessels can be used to irrigate plants. The olla is buried in the ground next to the roots of the plant to be irrigated, with the neck of the olla extending above the soil. The olla is filled with water, which gradually seeps into the soil to water the roots of the plant. It is an efficient method, since no water is lost to evaporation or run-off.This irrigation technique was introduced to the Americas by Spanish settlers in colonial times. Agriculture and gardening specialists are teaching it, and olla use is making a comeback in New Mexico and the American West. The state's master gardening program is spreading the word. An olla factory has been founded in Albuquerque to produce the pots. It can be effective for homeowners to use in the desert climate.

All farmers, even the backyard looking forward to the rain, and is always welcome and appreciated. But what if it does not rain we're not going to grow? We do not expect the rain, we get the most out of every drop of water throughout the year, the "nopalera" (cactus planted) is drip irrigate only a few minutes each week, our trees are irrigated with grey water and vegetables with "Ollitas Sol".
The Ollitas Sol are a blessing: Low cost, easy installation, easy maintenance, labor saving, save water and save money. We can not ask for more!

Guanajuato, México. 2015

We don´t expect the rain